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Mono Collective is a versatile group, that creates multiple activities: theater dance performances, improvisation performances, dance installations, kids performances, workshops and educations projects.The group was founded in January 2011 by the choreographer Silvia Bennett. It is based on the idea of blending different skills and art forms, like visual art, light design, dance, voice, theater and music supported by theoretical method as anthropology, pedagogy and sociology that allows a deeper focus in the research. The multicultural composition of the group is another important creative incentive, in fact the members are from Italy, Greece, Spain, England, Hungary, Africa and Israel. Monocollective is based in Amsterdam where, with the support of the Papaver studios and the Muiderpoort theater, develop his own personal work and philosophical approach to Art blending the dutch culture with the different background and roots ofthe members,to create and interdisciplinary work that open up new perspective.

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