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Emese Csornai

I am an installation and performance artist, practising light design.
I sudied architecture at the Technical University of Budapest between 2002 and 2004.
Following that I studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy where I became a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009.
Simultaniously, I did a self-study in theater light design.
This, after having met Ellen Knops and the improvising and coreographic world of Amsterdam, within a short time became my profession.
My general research is on how human perception influences mind states and emotional dedication. Amsterdam light conditions inspired me to inquire layeredness of the surrounding visual space.
All my installation, light design and performative practises are aimed to process and express different aspects of the same intention, finding new dramaturgy in space, what is loss of information, emotional changes, state of minds changes with use of a particular light.
In 2009 we created a performance trio, Sumo3, with the participation of Marek Jason Isleib, Alfredo Genovesi and myself.
My first solo exhibition and serie of performances was in July 2010, named The Curious Matter.
I worked together with Alexandra Bachzetsis, Khouloud Yassine, Rosie Woof, Magpie Group, Waterproof, Wonderland, Monday Match Bimhuis, Goran Turnsek, Paolo Fossa, Sylvain Meret, Marie Guilleray, Silvia Bennett and many more who inspire me to carry on with my explorations.