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Federica Dauri

I was born in Rome on August 31st 1991. I am currently working as a dancer and a performance artist in Amsterdam and Rome.

I studied at Rome in the National Academy of dance and in the contemperary dance center Duncan3.0, I studied and trained at the merce Cunningham dance center and Alvin Aily dance center in New york for 3 months after I recieved a full schoalrship.

My main interest is Butoh dance, I studied with Masaki Iwana and Akira Kasai.

As a dancer I worked with Stefano Taiuti in Improvisation pieces, in installation pieces and as a performer, I worked with Fabrizio Laurentaci in a theatre dance production. I performed in numerous projects fusion Jazz music and movement. At the moment I work in Amsterdam as part of Mono collective.