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Marta Vila Peterson

I am a performance artist from Spain. I am currently working in the field of Dance, Movement Improvisation, Physical Theater, Video and Photography related with dance movement. I’m interested in learning as many ways of expression and techniques in movement, dance, theater in order to be able to express myself as free as possible. I believe in the fusion of many artistic fields together all connected in one piece of art.

After finishing my studies, graduating in the Modern Dance Academy C&C ( Barcelona ) In The Modern Theater Dance department /specialization Ballet and Modern Dancer, I decided to start travelling to open my concept of dance without a specific goal. I wanted to keep learning and be open to whatever could come next in my career and life.

As a performer I worked with the choreographer Tatiana Capozzoli as an assistant of the company and a performer for “Talile Dance Company”, with Maya Adamidou a Dance Coreographer Movement Therapist, with Fernando Belfiore Brazilian choreographer from SNDO, with the Choreographer Sabine Linz, with Christian Chierego, Melanja Pallita and Alvaro GM – video artists and audiovisual makers, with  the choreographer Moreno Bernardie as an apprentice, among many others…

For the last years I created, worked and gave lessons and workshops in Dance, Dance Improvisation and Stretching technic. ”Dance” is a way of life, and to work in a collective is a way of sharing my life. I cold say that I love to share and learn from everyone.