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Silvia Bennett


I’m a performer and Choreographer living in Amsterdam. I’m half Italian half English.

In my experience of studies I have been challenged with a lot of techniques and methods  that have helped me to better understand the movement of the body. The theater, dance and university studies in pedagogy allowed me to encounter other realities of the performing arts, as dance therapy and creative dance with children. When I was 18 years old I start studying Nikolais technique with Simona Bucci in Florence, and later with Carolyn Carlson in Paris, this method gives me many instruments for the choreographic research and open up my philosophical understanding of movement not only as a form of visual art but a complex instrument to analyze and understand human beings, and to see what is possible to reach out of the human possibilities through intentions.

At the moment I’m working in Amsterdam as a dance teacher, and as an improviser with MagPie company directed by Katie Duck and in Wonderland directed by Makiko Ito. I also create my own work, “My little Precious”, “Mr Hat” , “Pentangle”, Aestus”, “Mooroom”, Alo-davar”, “Op the Bruggen project”, “Eclissi sul fiume”, “Echi Per dune d’Achras” and I’m working on a trilogy with Mono collective.

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