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Tom Goldhand

I am a performance artist in the field of Dance & Movement Improvisation from Israel. I research, work and teach the technique and art of Improvisation. After finishing my studies and graduating in Biology, I decided that I would not like to live my life in a lab, and turned to my true passion – Dance and Improvisation.

I started my dancer training in “Hakvuza Beyafo” in Israel, after that I studied performance art in “Play – school for Improvisation and Performance art”. I joined “Play company”, where I performed choreographed and Improvised pieces. As a dancer, performer and choreographer I performed in Israel and Netherlands my own and other artists pieces.

For the last 4 years I create, work and give lessons and workshops in the field of Dance Improvisation. For me, Improvisation is a way of life and I try to take it out from the studio and stage into everyday life.

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