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Falling asleep

In this piece we will continue our exploration into the idea of falling in daily life, and focus on the aspect of falling asleep.

Falling asleep is a way to abandon, or rather let go of our own self. This mechanism happens every day to each and everyone of us, it is so common, yet it is still a mystery. In our daily life we take it for granted and almost never take the time or pause to investigate that brief moment where consciousness changes dramatically .

Falling is letting go. To fall is to be free – to let go of one body and mind, to abandon ourselves and become completely vulnerable.

In this piece we will investigate the sensation of torpor, a state of mental and physical inactivity, the feeling of soft and vulnerable body, that occurs at the end of every day.

Falling asleep is that one instant when you can’t keep your eyes open no matter where you are, it is a biological reaction, a desire/need of the body. Despite our common believe, different studies of medical physiology shows that sleep is an active process and a not passive one. In fact the brain doesn’t stop to work, but rather change function from the neurological system of awake state into the neurological system of sleep.

We are interest in investigating the moment where this letting go of our own self conscious occurs. How people relate themselves to this daily situation? What is the physical and mental sensation in that moment? We will try to discover this unknown place, and show on stage that in this letting go there is a world that is still very active but in a different way.

Concept: Silvia Bennett

performers and creators: mono collective

premiere 3- 4 February