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Improvisation performances

Improvisation is the art of performance. Mono collective see improvisation not only as a tool for improving our abilities on stage or finding material for pieces, but rather as a form of art.

We work, practice and present two forms of Improvisation pieces – Free Improvisation where we choose not to have any subject, prior influence, guidelines or limitation but rather come as we are on to the stage and create instant composition with whatever material we have at that moment.

The second form of improvisation that we work and present on stage is Anchored Improvisation pieces – in those performances we set some anchors during the piece, or a set idea that we will be improvising on, trying to find the freedom to do what is right for that moment within those limitations.

When we improvise we need to be more than only movers, dancers or singers we need to become choreographers and composers on stage – to have a different way of looking at the piece as it is being created, and have a very different way of presence on stage.


Psychedelic Garden

Improvisation A4


My Little Precious