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In this piece mono collective, worked the concept of memory and identity. We approach this idea providing a clear picture of 4 women on stage that experience time; time passing and time to come. The stories, the values, the history, the weakness and the beauty of life and creation real-time are wondering through time; a time that stops being linear and changes shapes and parallels. With this feeling between life and death, resisting and letting go, weakness and strength, the four performers of “Ink” ground themselves deeply in the earth and connect with each other and with the cosmos with a thin fragile line that bonds the simply with the sensation of time. We work through butoh dance, voice and contemporary dance to have a larger range of investigation on this theme and different ways of perception.

Concept: Silvia Bennett

Artistic Director: Tom Goldhand

Co-creators and dancers Mono Collective

Silvia Bennett

Federica Dauri

Laryssa Kim

Artemis Lampiri