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                                                                                    WORKSHOP IN LANZAROTE

22-28 APRIL 2013

WORKSHOP Monocollective / Body work and theater dance

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to heighten their understanding of how body and voice become instruments on stage. Students who attend can come from a minimal background of dance, movement research or acting. The aim of this workshop is to focus and analyze body movement in relation to space, time and intention. Central point of the work is to blend movement and voice and research theatrical tools that help develop awareness and expression.

Warm up is based on improvisation and analytical floor work about the skeleton structure, in order to recognize how the bones and articulation of the joint system functions in relation to movement in space, and discover the possibilities of the levers in the body, to reach acrobatic steps without muscles effort.

The attention on the body’s anatomy develop awareness of the wight and flexibility, to achieve a conscious dissociation of the upper part and the lower part that gives the availability to fall and recover without damage.

This work engage body and mind fully, from the inside we expand the awareness to the outside during the class, using voice exercises blended with movement in order to research the relationship between movement and presence, and create, through imagination, a new space where the performance skills grow.

The workshop will take 4 hours per day:

1h. voice basic technique (respiration, posture etc..)Workshop Tenerife KeyViz3

1h. movement exercise and phrases

1h,30min. laboratory (improvisation and composition)

30min cool down (yoga exercise and massage)


Silvia Bennett

Laryssa Ganga

Marta Vila Peterson

INFO: isadoraduncan80@yahoo.it